The college originally had started in a nearbygovernment school building in 1984. The school was situated in the revenuevillage Neora. Hence the college has had in its address Neora.

After sometime, 10 acres of land was allotted by thegovernment for the college building in the neighbouring village Kohka. This ledto the address becoming Kohka-Neora.

The construction of building was complete in 1992 andthe college shifted in its own building instantly.

This building covers an area of 2098.24 sq. meters(63.2m X 33.2m).

In the year 2017, the college received a windfallsanction of a separate Science block from the district administration out of DistrictMining Fund, a local fund at the disposal of the District Administration.

The new building was completed in 2019 with an area of545 sq. meters. This building is equipped with appropriate rain waterharvesting system.

Together the two buildings comprise 51 rooms of which21 are being used for teaching and 4 as science laboratories. Besides, there isa seminar hall enabled with ICT facilities.

Other rooms include a Staff rooms Girls' Common Room,Library, NSS, Sports, NRC, Office Rooms, Examination department, Principal'schamber etc.

Some more rooms are proposed to be constructed on thefirst floor of the Old building and the process is in the pipeline atgovernment level. Rain water harvesting system has also been proposed to thegovernment and budget allocation is awaited.

Both the buildings have appropriate toilet facilities for the students,faculty, staff and differently-abled persons.